Blooming in Orange

Bold colors are always a good idea to incorporate into daily outfits. I’ve been liking this trend too and this cute outfit is a perfect example. The initial plan was to take one or two pictures for social media but then my photographer got an intense awakening of his photographic skills so it turned out… Read More Blooming in Orange


Floral Print Paired with Black

Florals are always a good idea to incorporate into your outfit. Keep things simple and you’ll never go wrong. Here’s a simple outfit where I paired a floral top with all black. I know I am not exactly your funky colors girl I just love to keep things simple and cute


Story Time! Things Went Wrong

It’s been a while since I was here, I am back with a short story about my recent experience, I hope you learn something and enjoy watching.


Restoration / Boost Routine for All Types of Hair

Getting your hair from unhealthy to healthy takes a solid and consistent regimen. In this video, I am sharing my go to routine which I started on at the onset of my natural hair journey used it consistently 90% of the time and it worked everytime giving my hair an incredible boost and a huge… Read More Restoration / Boost Routine for All Types of Hair


About the Weekend | Meeting Craving Yellow

The past weekend was the long awaited day for many naturals who finally got to meet their natural hair queen and ask her questions, take pictures and generally have fun mingling with other naturals. If you didn’t know already, Craving Yellow is a young, passionate, kenyan who has been living abroad.


Rocking an African Print Dress

Heey! How are y’all doing? Where do we start? We can start right here and say we took a holiday and enjoyed it to the fullest. Explored some fun activities in the tropics and now we are back to life as usual, super-charged for the days ahead. All the best to you too! When my… Read More Rocking an African Print Dress


What I got from Hairitage Chronicles

Here’s my products stash update so you can have an idea on what products to go for depending on your needs. I hope this helps!


The Hairitage Chronicles Vlog

We had lots of fun hanging out and shopping. It was just awesome. Watch to have a glimpse of the fun! Please Share, Like, Comment and Subscribe to my channel to be part of my Natural Hair journey.


My Natural Hair Journey Update

Hi lovelies, here are my highlights and goals for the new year and a few tips to help you start your natural hair journey and stay at it.


Length Check March 2017

Here’s my length check for March 2017. At this point my hair was starting to shrink up but the accuracy is still good. I am so proud of myself that I am now mid back length (hey there waist length). Join me in this journey if you want to grow out your hair as well.