The Love in 2017, What does It Look Like for Me?

Looking out of the window as if you are expecting someone to pass by and wave at you or deliver a special package for you. That’s the snapshot of my 2017 which has been my best year so far. What do you mean best year? Well,


BehINd the scenes, When to Try New Products and Lots of Laughter

Everytime I pop up the Marini Naturals office I always enjoy a good laughter and conversation. Thank you Yvonne!


Easy and Durable Natural Hairstyle for All Seasons | My Labor and Delivery HairStyle

Thinking of a cute and durable hair style for all seasons, look no further. Here’s a tried and true style for you. Please Share, Like, Comment and Subscribe to my channel to be part of my Natural Hair journey.


When Love is Real and Overwhelming

Two years ago, if you had told me I’d have this incredible, young man as my son, I’d call you crazy. But now that I am here I can barely think about it without getting emotional. It’s sort of too much to handle for me right now. I don’t know if it’s because


Quick Wash Day Routine [START TO FINISH – DETAILED] for Natural Hair

Hi Lovelies! There are just some days when you don’t feel like wash day but you gotta do it for the long, healthy hair goals. Here’s my quick and easy routine for the days you feel exhausted, takes no time to complete and still very effective because it leaves your hair super moisturized all week… Read More Quick Wash Day Routine [START TO FINISH – DETAILED] for Natural Hair


November Musings

November, where do I start with you? Anyways, I’ll start from the very beginning when I inhaled my first breath and I was declared that I made it into this world. I thought my grand entrance was majestic and a sight to behold until our first child came a day before my birthday. My life… Read More November Musings


Family Reactions, Baby Name & Gender| Pregnancy Tag | THEMODESTNATURAL

Hello ! Let’s answer a few questions in this video and lets have fun shall we!


GRWM as I Share my Little Secrets

Heey! I’m kinda liking this randomness going on here and so today we are gonna get ready together while I share my tricks here and there. Click to watch and hangout with me!


You Must Know this Before getting Pregnant

On the topic of Pregnancy, we tackle a few things that you need to get yourself knowledgeable about take a look!


Mizani Professional Hair Products Review featuring Posh Palace Kenya | Natural Hair

Well, I found another line of natural hair products which yielded fantastic results. I’m so excited about these Mizani professional products I received from Posh Palace Kenya a great salon in the heart of Nairobi dedicated to making you look and feel good. Take a look!