Red Friday

A little about the sweetness of life. The unfolding of new things and amazing things for that matter. Always choose the brighter side of life, the happier side, the joyful side and watch your life unfold into the abundant and fulfilling moments that everyone dreams about.


Turn the Scar into a Smile

Her eyes were cloudy as small drops of tears made their way onto her blouse. She was simply hurt but the poor guy did not know that. He drove off into the unknown never to find out how she felt that day. Back into her little cottage, she tucked herself into her grandma‚Äôs cozy blanket… Read More Turn the Scar into a Smile


How to be the wife the husband of your dreams desires

(Only because, I think this image is appropriate for this kind of blog post) She talked about how much she loved her suitor at the time. How he carried himself around, the impression she had about him from his mannerisms. How she knew from the word go that he would be her husband. It was… Read More How to be the wife the husband of your dreams desires


Liver Fried Rice

For our food Thursday, I am sharing delicious fried rice recipe. Gone are the days you would eat boiled rice alongside some sort of stew and that was it. Apart from pilau, this was the only way most of us had our rice, too oblivious right!


Happy Birthday to my King

I can still see the look on his eyes, the appearance of composition and pretty much everything I saw, when we first met. Most of all I saw a gentleman who was and still is passionate about the Word, not in what he said but how his life unfolded before my eyes. I can’t begin… Read More Happy Birthday to my King


How to start your day right

I open up the door, happy that he is home but not showing it on my face; no smile. These are the moments I wish I did better only that, I let myself be clouded by the day events. Why is that? I am still thinking about the a hundred and one things I needed… Read More How to start your day right


Cooking Class

I can’t seem to remember the last time I was in a class oh my! So this time I went for a cooking class with my delicacy conscious girlfriends. It was my first time to encounter freelance chefs. I know! Sounds awkward right? Coz we tend to think only I.T guys can freelance. Not anymore.… Read More Cooking Class


Neutral on Neutral

Years go by, life happens and experiences change you. Basically, how I pretty much describe my life right now. I’ve been through a lot until most things don’t shake me anymore. I did this photo shoot with my ten year old girlfriend and when I sat down to view the snapshots it hit me how… Read More Neutral on Neutral


Easter Happened!

I was super excited for the easter holiday mostly because I’d catch a break and be with the most important people in my life. I was counting down, weeks, days until it was only a few hours. I only slept for two hours, how exciting can travelling get? Super exciting.