When you are facing hardship (what it means)

The other day I sat myself down for a moment, just to think about how everything has been going on lately. I was super happy about many things and not happy about a couple of things as well. I thought even harder about the things I did not like (coz that’s what we always do,… Read More When you are facing hardship (what it means)


Crispy Cheese and Bacon Potatoes

Hello food Thursday! We are ready for you. This week we are making some sweet crispy treats here on the blog. The major ingredients are oblivious from the title. The result was so yummy…I wanna do this again. Here’s the full recipe.


Rice Veggie mix

If you liked yesterday’s recipe, then you will love this one as well. I’ve often said that making good stuff is just about mixing up great ingredients. And so this is one of those mixup meals.¬†Mixed meals are my favorites because I get to prepare a simple delicious meal at one go. I won’t have… Read More Rice Veggie mix


Easy Coconut Rice and Veg Gravy

Hello Lovely people. How have your cooking habits been? Mine have been slow-mo but we are slowly catching up. Guess what! our food Thursday came early today…yeeay! I wanted to share with you a simple rice recipe to make when you are pressed for time or when you just want a simple healthy homemade meal.… Read More Easy Coconut Rice and Veg Gravy


Getting My Act Together

I am sitting here, seriously thinking about how far we have come through these past three months and I am absolutely thrilled. I mean, seriously. First, I put together a blog with a clear cut idea of how I am gonna sail through and everything. Next, I setup some kind of a routine to ensure… Read More Getting My Act Together


How You are Sabotaging your life

Quite a title, isn’t it. Yeah, well I have been doing this for too long that I don’t want to do this anymore, because it is derailing my progress. I want you to stop sabotaging your life as well. If you agree, stick around for the real life talk.¬†


Happy 6M to my Little Prince plus Mom Tip

My attention is divided as I am holding him in my hands as I type, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. He has been, still is such a blessing to us. I thank God everyday for this wonderful bundle of joy, broad smiles and little cries here and there.


Mother’s Day is Coming Up!

Being a mother is a nature, not a status you acquire when you have kids. Once you are born female, that nature is in you just awaiting activation. Some people activate mother nature as early as kindergarten by their motherly kindness taking care of other classmates, for other people it happens later on in life… Read More Mother’s Day is Coming Up!


Goat Eating

Instead of our usual setup of recipes, I decided I am gonna share with you a recent meetup we had with a couple of friends. The main aim was to fellowship and no fellowship is complete without swallowship right? I totally agree, do you?


Let the little things speak to you

Have you heard of the little fish that was given back its life by the prophet of Malachi 4? If you haven’t consider looking up for the quote. I got to thinking about it and realized how much we neglect the little things. The wonder of wonders is that, the mighty God greatly cares about… Read More Let the little things speak to you