Post-Father’s Day Reflections

Hello my people! I see that face, like where have you been all this time. Don’t worry, I was just catching a breath. I know this post is long overdue, actually, I meant to have it up last week, but you know, time flies. I bet you do. How have y’all been? How’s the cold… Read More Post-Father’s Day Reflections


Simplest Pizza Ever

Hello Food Thursday! Well, hello my friends. How is your week going? How is the cold treating you? I hope not too bad. I had some ready pizza dough I freezed from the last time I made pizza. So I decided to put them to good use.


3 Months Exclusively Natural

Hello pretty! Grab your milkshake and have a seat then let’s talk about a natural hair journey. Shall we? So many of you have been giving kind compliments about my hair, I appreciate. Along with several questions on how I do it. Well, I’ll be sharing my secrets here on the blog so if you… Read More 3 Months Exclusively Natural


My Natural Hair Story

Every woman loves a majestic mane flowing down from her head, so do I. Many of us have secretly eyed long healthy hair, wishing that it was ours, not knowing how much it takes to get there. When I was in campus, I remember coming across a lady with long(armpit length) hair. I looked at… Read More My Natural Hair Story


Making mouthwatering Chapatis

Happy June people! I hope you had great times yesterday, we did. Let’s talk about our food thursday shall we? Having grown up at the coastal region, made me overlook the importance of well planned delicious meals. It is often assumed that, one would turn out a great cook by default, but that is not… Read More Making mouthwatering Chapatis