Preparing to Welcome your Baby

Hello, welcome back and thank you for stopping by. Here is our #3 post in our mom series. I am so happy about your feedback and that you find these posts helpful. Be free to ask any questions whenever. Let’s get right into it. Many of you ask what should I do as I am… Read More Preparing to Welcome your Baby


My Pregnancy Period Tips

Once again, the mom series, blog post #2. I am so excited to be doing this with you, my dear reader. I’ve always wanted to be able to share something that would help someone on one way or the other. It gives me so much joy. That said, I hope it is clear to my… Read More My Pregnancy Period Tips


5 Tips to Prepare for Pregnancy

Hello lovelies! Here’s the first post on my mom series. I couldn’t figure out for a while, where to start on this one. I realized pre – pregnancy would be a great place to start and that’s how this post was born. Disclaimer: I am no doctor, just a mom who believes that sharing is… Read More 5 Tips to Prepare for Pregnancy


Making Vegetarian Pilau

To be honest, I’ve eyed vegetarian lifestyle for several years now. It gets more intense when I see amazing moms on instagram, rocking this vegetarian thing like they were born in it. Truth of it is most of them were confessed ;lovers of the opposite lifestyle until they made the change. Now that I have… Read More Making Vegetarian Pilau


Kicking Off the Mom Series

Our little one just turned eight and I am thinking, “I am really good at this, ain’t I? I go through the most fulfilling moments like his first smile, the cuddles, the first time he babbled a word and you are all like my baby is learning to talk’. Those kinds of moments fill your… Read More Kicking Off the Mom Series


Blue Favorites

Hello and welcome to my blog. It’s been a while and I feel like welcoming you all over again. It has been quite eventful for me but I am thankful that, I had some spare time to catch up with you guys. How is it going on your side? I hope it is all good.


Kurly Diaries High Tea Event

It was all about showcasing natural hair beauty in gloves, heels, fascinators…name them, it was colorful. We had lots of fun, learnt about lots of local natural hair brands and much much more. We had a session of question and answers on careers, entrepreneurship e.t.c. So we took a few photos, I hope you enjoy… Read More Kurly Diaries High Tea Event


Natural Hair Wash Day + Growth Check!

Hello Lovelies! July is here! How is it going for you? I hope it is splendid. I wasn’t going to write a post today but once I popped out of the shower, my hair dripping wet coz my washday mostly falls on a friday. I stopped to take photos and I couldn’t resist the amount… Read More Natural Hair Wash Day + Growth Check!