How to Wash Natural Hair at Home – do it yourself

Hello lovelies! At first, the thought of washing your hair at home would be quite bizarre but once you do it you realize its a breeze. That’s what we are talking about in this new video. Watch it down below.


How to Put together a Birthday Outfit

As the title suggests, it’s all about putting together the birthday outfit. Well, I didn’t actually wear this outfit on the actual day but it was the outfit I had in mind for my birthday hence the name. You’ve seen those pretty skirts online, and wondered how they could get to you? I did too.… Read More How to Put together a Birthday Outfit


3 Lessons I’ve Learnt about Being in the 20’s

Hey’al. How is the weekend loading! I hope it is as good as mine or better. Do people still celebrate birthdays? Like in the real world? Idk but I do. My family and I are definitely in the celebration mood after our little champ turned one and I turned…what age again? Ooops! Never mind! I… Read More 3 Lessons I’ve Learnt about Being in the 20’s


3 Things to Do in Mombasa

Hello lovelies! In this video, I filmed three things you can do when you are touring Mombasa city in Kenya. The place is beautiful and is a perfect destination for either a short or long holiday. I hope you enjoy and have fun when you visit.


3 Easy Hairstyles for Traveling

Hello lovelies! I hope you are fine and dandy. The other day I went for a short trip and when I came back I was like I could show you guys the hairstyles I did when I was traveling. These are so easy anyone can hack them. 


Get on a Challenge with Us | November

I’m so excited about this month and I have a good feeling that it’s gonna be a fantastic one. The other day my main person told me of his goal and challenge for this starting month and I was so impressed. It always feels so good when your loved one makes decisions to improve their… Read More Get on a Challenge with Us | November