3 Lessons I’ve Learnt about Being in the 20’s

Hey’al. How is the weekend loading! I hope it is as good as mine or better. Do people still celebrate birthdays? Like in the real world? Idk but I do. My family and I are definitely in the celebration mood after our little champ turned one and I turned…what age again? Ooops! Never mind! I am definitely in a better space right now since my last birthday I spent at the hospital and my doctor was so kind to come wish me a happy birthday. I was touched, but I was happier I got to hold the little guy in my arms. 

As you might have guessed I am in my twenties, married to the most handsome and charming guy, plus a cute little man. Couldn’t be happier, so next time we meet then you ask me how I am, I’ll gladly tell you that I am living my dream. Being in your twenties isn’t easy and I am no exception, I’ve had my moments and I thank God for everything. I put together three lessons that I can say I learnt. Let’s get into it, shall we?

  1. You can’t keep everyone from your past in your present – I know, I get attached very easily and may tend to try dig up broken ties but along the way you realize you lose so much trying to get back the moments you might have had with those special people. You know what? It will benefit you more if you learnt to let go and focus on your future, the journey ahead. If one was meant to be in your life, they will, let nature take it’s course.
  2. Take advice from the important people and act on it rationally – being in your twenties makes you think you know everything and you are capable of making all the right decisions on your own. I learnt to take advice especially from my family especially because they are older and wiser so they can see way beyond what you are envisioning at the moment. Be gracious!
  3. Discover your talents and what you are capable of – this helps you set the pace and direction of your career and life in general which will eventually determine where your boat will steer to. All the same have a clear goal and know where and what you want to be in life. Those childhood dreams, know what you want and build on that.

I could write so much more but just because I said three, I’ll keep my word. Are you in your twenties or how were your twenties like? If you’d like to contribute, comment down below, I’d love to read what your thoughts are. As always, thank you for stopping by, God bless your heart!