3 Months Exclusively Natural

Hello pretty! Grab your milkshake and have a seat then let’s talk about a natural hair journey. Shall we? So many of you have been giving kind compliments about my hair, I appreciate. Along with several questions on how I do it. Well, I’ll be sharing my secrets here on the blog so if you want to know more, consider sticking around.

I’ve been exclusively natural for the past 3 months, still going strong if you want to find out about my natural hair story read it here. I know most of you are wondering what this natural exclusive is, don’t you worry, I’ll break it down for ya. Exclusive natural is the term I came up with, to describe the situation where, you never relaxed your hair but wasn’t caring for your hair using products specifically designed for natural hair, keeping your hair in protective styles or minimizing breakage at all costs. It’s kinda hard to explain in detail but I hope as you follow this series you will get the hang of it.

My experience: It has been a journey of ups and downs but all I can say it was all worth it.I remember the first month was quite a challenge in terms of settling down to a solid hair regimen, keeping your hair off of everything from food to sinks, moisturizing regularly. Wondering how to keep the hair neat without the strands darling; the comb. Until one time I asked myself, “What am I doing?” Second guesses, coz that’s what you do when you feel like something is not working out. It was all new to me.

Despite everything, I looked past the hurdles and forged through. I encouraged myself that within no time I’ll be having longer and healthier hair.  It kept me going. Now, I am like the grand ambassador for natural hair. I listened to myself the other day as I explained to one of my girlfriends my decisions on my strands and how they too can do this. I was like… How did I get here. Anyways as long as I am not breaking the Word or rules, why not.

Results: I am so happy about the tangible results that I am seeing and feeling on my strands. Finally my hair is longer than before, healthier, less prone to breakage. Generally, I am loving everything about natural hair. Worth the hustle.

Have you gone natural hair exclusive, how long has it been and how is your experience? Mind sharing, comment down below. As always, Thanks for stopping by.



Naturalista Neemah.