5 Tips to Prepare for Pregnancy

Hello lovelies! Here’s the first post on my mom series. I couldn’t figure out for a while, where to start on this one. I realized pre – pregnancy would be a great place to start and that’s how this post was born.

Disclaimer: I am no doctor, just a mom who believes that sharing is caring and could make a tremendous difference in someone’s life struggling or not. So you are here, hoping or trying to get pregnant. Here are my top 5 tips on where to start.
1. Pray and commit the whole process and baby to God – Yea! He is the one who knows everything, pray hard because, the devil is usually on the look out to claim what’s rightfully ours. But you can claim your baby long before the devil gets to them, they’ll be shielded for good. If you are already pregnant or baby is here, it’s never too late. Get down on your knees, cry to Him and surrender all. I could say more but… And  sometimes I feel like, I talk too much about God and everything but then, I realized there is nothing else to talk about really. He is everything to us, our world revolves around His goodness and grace. That’s how it is, but don’t give up reading.
2. Ensure a balanced diet – Start now, get all those veggies and good foods. Go slow or get rid of junk, fast foods etc, it would go a long way. Include folic acid and vitamin D for vegetarians, in your diet to keep potential health problems at bay. Stock up those golden nutrients ladies!
3. Exercise regularly – For a conducive body weight for pregnancy. The better your body weight the more tolerance for the pregnancy and eventually easier labor. Take the stairs instead of the lift, walk to the shopping centre instead of taking a mat or sending someone. You will be one step closer to a healthier pregnancy.
4. Bond, bond, bond – I can not say this enough. Spend as much time as possible with your spouse. Talk about everything and all the things, know him inside out because when the little one comes, there’ll barely be any time for that.
5. Read a lot, learn, learn – Read from anywhere, books, Internet, magazines but keep the filter of the Word, the thinking man’s (woman’s) filter. Since you will find all kinds of information, both important and misleading. Also research and study, get to know any potential hereditary factors, you will know how to handle them whenever they appear.

I know, I can write and write but I believe these would help you in your journey. Whoever you are, mom or not, do you have any important points to add? I’d like to know. Please do so by commenting down below.

As always thank you very much for stopping by.