6 Months Hairversary: The Big Reveal!!

Hello and welcome back to my little space where I document my personal journey in hopes that it will inspire you to do more and be more passionate about what you do in life.

I am grateful for life and how far we’ve come, August has been quite eventful thus enabling me to share with you, my 6 months natural hair progress. Precisely, my husband and I had a humbling opportunity to be the best couple for some amazing sweethearts. I kept thinking what style I’d put for the big day. A natural hairstyle was the obvious pick for me, which I had already sampled a few hairstyles for the day. Few weeks to the wedding, I changed my mind and decided to straighten my hair instead. I was quite nervous because, it was a huge decision. As always, my husband encouraged me to follow my heart and I did.

I blowdried and flat ironed my lovely african hair. The process: it was quite a breeze, since I used someone who had done my hair before and I was sure that, she’d be as gentle as possible. I dreaded the comb, I had not used any on my hair for the past six months. The experience was not bad at all.

So I had this photoshoot a few days after just for you: the lovely african girl who looks to get encouraged in her own hair journey. I hope you enjoy the photos and get inspired in all ways possible.

Outfit: Random comfy fits from my wardrobe.

Photo Credits: My Super Husband.



Be consistent in following your passion.


When he makes you blush..

IMG_1427 IMG_1435IMG_1439

just having a good time
The fierce look
A few centimetres past the armpit length.


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