African Print Look Book

A few years back, if you mentioned african print or “kitenge” as the locals call it, it wouldn’t stir me at all. Infact, I always associated the african print style with aged people, my grandmother used to love them, my mum not so much but nowadays it seems that it’s her favorite style. When my close friend asked me whether I am interested in making an african print outfit, I was like, “Girl, that wouldn’t work”. I hadn’t owned any african inspired piece prior to that question and I wasn’t sure I was going to change. Since she had many cute pieces of her own, she managed to convince me to get the fabric for myself and for my mum too.

My mum loved her’s and she had it sown in a few days. I kept my fabric in my closet for almost a year before an outfit was made out of it. The ‘fundi’ was so good I loved the finished item and soon after wearing the outfit I was hooked. Let alone the many compliments I received from the people who saw me that day. It was humbling.

The African print style is the key thing now, evident from how people are embracing the style, both men and women, adults and children. What’s more exciting is,when you see foreigners rocking african themed outfits. I remember the last work party I attended, the senior manager of the company (she is white) came to the party in a beautiful african dress, I was impressed. They too see the beauty in african print material, you should too.

I wore this beautiful african print outfit the other day and I thought well, it’s a high time I shared with you the cute outfit. I hope you enjoy the photos. PS: this is my first african print piece I ever owned and I love it. You can wear african print to any event or even at work…just look how official it looks.

say what! but the background is cute..
Well, hello gorgeous!!! haha
My failed twist out…I didn’t dry well…it was still a win.


peplum details
the bawse look..

img_1795 img_1800 Love,