Beaching Around

The soothing breeze, the sweet sound of waves crashing against the shore, the sound of sea motors, the view… I am already daydreaming, literally! Who doesn’t love the beach? No one!

If anyone ever got lost and found themselves on the beach, I wonder whether they’d still want to go wherever they were going. If it was upto me, I’d say enjoy the beach then think about going home later. It probably doesn’t make sense now, but when you get there you will know.

The beach got to be my favorite relaxing spot. ‘No worries in this world’ kind of holiday. I am currently dreaming of exploring San Diego beaches. For no particular reason or maybe there is, I wouldn’t know. I just hope my dreams are valid.

Here are some sweet pictures of some beaches. Enjoy!(for your eyes only!)

IMG_1815 IMG_1824  IMG_1831 IMG_1832

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