Blooming in Orange

Bold colors are always a good idea to incorporate into daily outfits. I’ve been liking this trend too and this cute outfit is a perfect example. The initial plan was to take one or two pictures for social media but then my photographer got an intense awakening of his photographic skills so it turned out into a real photo shoot. Dressed in a cute floral top and a full, flowy, orange skirt I was a perfect model for the shoot. I’ve had these pieces for a long time and I never thought of this cute combo.

I’ve worn this top a couple of times but mostly with a jeans skirt. Even when I packed the top, I was gonna wear it with my jeans. The morning came and I was skimming for pieces that didn’t need ironing and these two were the only ones. “I could actually pair these two,” I thought to myself. Once I got dressed up I was mesmerized, it turned out so pretty I couldn’t believe. I added a thin navy belt over the top to give it some shape. Yap! I told you I was a model and a half. The environment was a bit humid so I went for sandals but you could add some neutral pumps or cute flats depending on the occasion. Let me just stop talking for now, I hope you enjoy the view as much as I do.

Photo Credits: Dear Husband.

Hairstyle: Day 4 of a sleek low bun.

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