Let’s talk about Ruth (critical lesson)

The other day we were reading and meditating about Ruth, the moabitess, it was so deep that, I drifted several times thinking about how we overlook the little things. Her story is so inspiring that you wouldn’t miss one or two people with the name. But then it hit me, do we really understand the… Read More Let’s talk about Ruth (critical lesson)


The Truth About Being Happy

She enjoyed the happiest moments anyone can ever imagine; a loving family, adorable kids, successful life.. name it all. I would always watch in admiration and often thought that the maker really had a soft spot for her. I wanted to be like her, when I grew up only that I did not know what… Read More The Truth About Being Happy



He said that he wanted us to watch a movie, I looked at him so as to say, “you gotta be kidding”. Turns out he was pretty much serious. I was still skeptical even as he was busy setting up and all. Why? We don’t usually watch movies for leisure only for specific reasons, mostly… Read More MOVIE REVIEW: WARROOM