BehINd the scenes, When to Try New Products and Lots of Laughter

Everytime I pop up the Marini Naturals office I always enjoy a good laughter and conversation. Thank you Yvonne!


Length Check March 2017

Here’s my length check for March 2017. At this point my hair was starting to shrink up but the accuracy is still good. I am so proud of myself that I am now mid back length (hey there waist length). Join me in this journey if you want to grow out your hair as well.


My Natural Hair Products Stash | Kenyan

Hey guys! Today I am showing you all the products that I use for my natural hair. Information about what the products are for is included. Feel free to go through my YouTube videos on how I use these products from washing my hair to styling e.t.c.


Stretch Natural Hair Without Heat – 3Ways | Collab 3 countries

deo where my friends and I are showing you three ways to achieve stretched hair all without heat. Watch and be informed! Please Share, Like, Comment and Subscribe to my channel to be part of my Natural Hair journey.


3 Things to Do in Mombasa

Hello lovelies! In this video, I filmed three things you can do when you are touring Mombasa city in Kenya. The place is beautiful and is a perfect destination for either a short or long holiday. I hope you enjoy and have fun when you visit.


Get Ready With Me | Easy and Fast | Natural Hair

Hello Lovelies! After getting so many questions on how hard it is to style natural hair, i got an impression that most people think styling natural hair is time consuming and complex. Well, I am here to tell you it’s not. Actually it can get super easy and fast. Of course depending on the complexity… Read More Get Ready With Me | Easy and Fast | Natural Hair


When you are facing hardship (what it means)

The other day I sat myself down for a moment, just to think about how everything has been going on lately. I was super happy about many things and not happy about a couple of things as well. I thought even harder about the things I did not like (coz that’s what we always do,… Read More When you are facing hardship (what it means)


Rice Veggie mix

If you liked yesterday’s recipe, then you will love this one as well. I’ve often said that making good stuff is just about mixing up great ingredients. And so this is one of those mixup meals. Mixed meals are my favorites because I get to prepare a simple delicious meal at one go. I won’t have… Read More Rice Veggie mix


Mother’s Day is Coming Up!

Being a mother is a nature, not a status you acquire when you have kids. Once you are born female, that nature is in you just awaiting activation. Some people activate mother nature as early as kindergarten by their motherly kindness taking care of other classmates, for other people it happens later on in life… Read More Mother’s Day is Coming Up!


Cooking Class

I can’t seem to remember the last time I was in a class oh my! So this time I went for a cooking class with my delicacy conscious girlfriends. It was my first time to encounter freelance chefs. I know! Sounds awkward right? Coz we tend to think only I.T guys can freelance. Not anymore.… Read More Cooking Class