GRWM as I Share my Little Secrets

Heey! I’m kinda liking this randomness going on here and so today we are gonna get ready together while I share my tricks here and there. Click to watch and hangout with me!


I found an Excellent Skin, Hair and Body Soap!

Hey guys! I finally discovered an excellent soap for my Skin, Hair and Entire Body. Can you believe it! I know right! Click to watch to find out more. Please Share, Like, Comment and Subscribe to my channel to be part of my Natural Hair journey.


The Best Leather Bag Review!

If you are into good bags and leather bags for that matter you’ll definitely love this one. It has cute, elegant details every lady would want to have in her closet. I kid you not! Please Share, Like, Comment and Subscribe to my channel to be part of my Natural Hair journey. Lots of love!!!… Read More The Best Leather Bag Review!


Dental Checkup Vlog

The other day I went for my 6 months dental checkup and thought I’d film it for you as an update from my last dental checkup which I uploaded here. It was a lot more fun and pain free since most fixes were done in the previous visit. I hope you enjoy this one and… Read More Dental Checkup Vlog


A Floral Affair

The weekend that was as busy as a bee and as exciting as… Here’s my OOTD which has been so long coming but now that it’s finally here let’s talk about it shall we?


Two Years in Marriage – You make it Work

It’s funny how when I sat to think about how long it has been since we got married it felt like too long. I was certain that we hadn’t hit the five years mark so my mind decided to award four years. Four years? It sounded too short until I actually calculated and it turns… Read More Two Years in Marriage – You make it Work


My Natural hair Shopping Spree

In this video, I recorded my short visit to Super Cosmetics Westlands to buy the Marini Naturals products and a quick follow up on what I bought including some useful information on the items I purchased. I hope you enjoy!


African Print LookBook Reloaded

Hey there and welcome to 2017! I know it’s been nine days already but it still feels new, right! What are your resolutions that you want to achieve come rain or shine? somebody asked. I thought it was sweet but all I know is I want to achieve everything I have in my list. Too… Read More African Print LookBook Reloaded


3 Lessons I’ve Learnt about Being in the 20’s

Hey’al. How is the weekend loading! I hope it is as good as mine or better. Do people still celebrate birthdays? Like in the real world? Idk but I do. My family and I are definitely in the celebration mood after our little champ turned one and I turned…what age again? Ooops! Never mind! I… Read More 3 Lessons I’ve Learnt about Being in the 20’s


3 Things to Do in Mombasa

Hello lovelies! In this video, I filmed three things you can do when you are touring Mombasa city in Kenya. The place is beautiful and is a perfect destination for either a short or long holiday. I hope you enjoy and have fun when you visit.