Yummy Vegan Oats plus Nuts

Hey! Happy New Month my dear friends! December is here which means we have less than 31 days to accomplish our targets for the year. How am I, is a good question to ask. Onto the real deal, shall we? Initially, I was going to make this story an instagram post until I figured it’d be… Read More Yummy Vegan Oats plus Nuts


Roast Pumpkin with Sesame and Cheese + Bonus Soup

I had a big pumpkin sitting in my pantry which I thought the little guy would enjoy, until I realized he didn’t want much of it. So I looked for a pumpkin recipe to cook. I stumbled upon one and I decided to adjust it to my liking. Want to know more? Read on.


Fluffy Vegan Pancakes…I love them!

Hello lovelies, once again I am back with a super delicious pancakes recipe. I cannot begin to describe how awesome these pancakes were, I can feel the taste on my tongue as I type this out. It is vegan so if you have any animal protein allergies, you are good. But first, a little bit… Read More Fluffy Vegan Pancakes…I love them!


Making Vegetarian Pilau

To be honest, I’ve eyed vegetarian lifestyle for several years now. It gets more intense when I see amazing moms on instagram, rocking this vegetarian thing like they were born in it. Truth of it is most of them were confessed ;lovers of the opposite lifestyle until they made the change. Now that I have… Read More Making Vegetarian Pilau


Simplest Pizza Ever

Hello Food Thursday! Well, hello my friends. How is your week going? How is the cold treating you? I hope not too bad. I had some ready pizza dough I freezed from the last time I made pizza. So I decided to put them to good use.


Making mouthwatering Chapatis

Happy June people! I hope you had great times yesterday, we did. Let’s talk about our food thursday shall we? Having grown up at the coastal region, made me overlook the importance of well planned delicious meals. It is often assumed that, one would turn out a great cook by default, but that is not… Read More Making mouthwatering Chapatis


Crispy Cheese and Bacon Potatoes

Hello food Thursday! We are ready for you. This week we are making some sweet crispy treats here on the blog. The major ingredients are oblivious from the title. The result was so yummy…I wanna do this again. Here’s the full recipe.


Rice Veggie mix

If you liked yesterday’s recipe, then you will love this one as well. I’ve often said that making good stuff is just about mixing up great ingredients. And so this is one of those mixup meals. Mixed meals are my favorites because I get to prepare a simple delicious meal at one go. I won’t have… Read More Rice Veggie mix


Easy Coconut Rice and Veg Gravy

Hello Lovely people. How have your cooking habits been? Mine have been slow-mo but we are slowly catching up. Guess what! our food Thursday came early today…yeeay! I wanted to share with you a simple rice recipe to make when you are pressed for time or when you just want a simple healthy homemade meal.… Read More Easy Coconut Rice and Veg Gravy


Liver Fried Rice

For our food Thursday, I am sharing delicious fried rice recipe. Gone are the days you would eat boiled rice alongside some sort of stew and that was it. Apart from pilau, this was the only way most of us had our rice, too oblivious right!