If I told you marriage was easy, I’d be lying to you because it’s not. It’s like saying


Why a Wedding is the perfect place to meet your happily ever after

Weddings are known for joyful moods, colorful and pretty decorations not to mention most people are usually at their best mood. Reminiscing and thinking about how marriage or love life is like gives you a high chance of hitting the jackpot with the partner of your dreams. Read on!


Two Years in Marriage – You make it Work

It’s funny how when I sat to think about how long it has been since we got married it felt like too long. I was certain that we hadn’t hit the five years mark so my mind decided to award four years. Four years? It sounded too short until I actually calculated and it turns… Read More Two Years in Marriage – You make it Work


Post-Father’s Day Reflections

Hello my people! I see that face, like where have you been all this time. Don’t worry, I was just catching a breath. I know this post is long overdue, actually, I meant to have it up last week, but you know, time flies. I bet you do. How have y’all been? How’s the cold… Read More Post-Father’s Day Reflections


Turn the Scar into a Smile

Her eyes were cloudy as small drops of tears made their way onto her blouse. She was simply hurt but the poor guy did not know that. He drove off into the unknown never to find out how she felt that day. Back into her little cottage, she tucked herself into her grandma‚Äôs cozy blanket… Read More Turn the Scar into a Smile


How to be the wife the husband of your dreams desires

(Only because, I think this image is appropriate for this kind of blog post) She talked about how much she loved her suitor at the time. How he carried himself around, the impression she had about him from his mannerisms. How she knew from the word go that he would be her husband. It was… Read More How to be the wife the husband of your dreams desires


Happy Birthday to my King

I can still see the look on his eyes, the appearance of composition and pretty much everything I saw, when we first met. Most of all I saw a gentleman who was and still is passionate about the Word, not in what he said but how his life unfolded before my eyes. I can’t begin… Read More Happy Birthday to my King


Thinking Aloud

This is going to be a quick one, I promise. One month down, since I picked myself up and eventually set up a blog (finally). At some point, I had many questions in my head whether I should go through with it or not. Days passed which eventually turned to months of thinking and lining… Read More Thinking Aloud



If ever there was one thing that ladies would be rated for doing best, would be hanging out (in my opinion). There are tons of things that two or more women can find to do together, most importantly things that edify the Lord (yeah! I am that lady). Most times, my husband’s company is more… Read More LADIES DAY OUT



He said that he wanted us to watch a movie, I looked at him so as to say, “you gotta be kidding”. Turns out he was pretty much serious. I was still skeptical even as he was busy setting up and all. Why? We don’t usually watch movies for leisure only for specific reasons, mostly… Read More MOVIE REVIEW: WARROOM