Cloth Diapers: What are they and how to use them

Cloth diapers are basically the cloth or fabric version of disposable diapers except for these you don’t throw them away after use. “Interesting, so what do you do with them?”, someone asked. It’s simple, you clean them up and use them again. Isn’t that cool? It is probably the best news for most of us this year. Even better you can use cloth diapers for as long as your child needs to use diapers.

I’ve used cloth diapers for a long time now to know how helpful they are and here’s how:

1. You save money – the amount of money you spend on disposables is a lot more compared to those washable diapers.

2. Your child will love them – they are so comfortable due to the fact that it’s fabric other than plastic and cotton is so comfy.

3. Helps keep diaper rash at bay – since you get to change your child very often he/she ¬†won’t stay with a soiled diaper for too long.

These are just a few things I wanted to share but I’ll be writing a few more. Thank you very much for reading, let’s catch up next time.