I’d wake up in the middle of the night and always find him in the sitting room. Tucked in his favorite sweater, sweet slippers and his eyes glued on his ipad. What time does he sleep anyway? I wondered and never confident enough to ask. After dinner we always had family time where we would all sit in the living room listening to each other’s stories. Whether bored or not most times I found myself grasping the couch with my little arms trying not to fall off. Yes, at that time my eyes are heavy with sleep I can almost peep into the dreamland window. Sometimes I even dreamt while dozing off at the couch and would wake up wondering where I was two seconds ago. After feeling too embarrassed to stay and pretend that I was listening I would often make a humble appeal to visit my beckoning bed. They’d graciously let me go after I kissed mum good night then like a drunken lad I’d stroll to my bedroom feeling like I gave it my best shot. I am proud to say that I am the kind of person who would choose sleep over many things (especially at night). I remember many instances where I’d say that sleeping was my hobby. Obliviously I wouldn’t say that now but I sure meant it then.

Back to my story, other times while the rest of the members pleaded to visit their beds, he would always remain doing his thing on the ipad. I hadn’t used an ipad before so I’d drift sometimes and wonder how interesting that device was. Until one day  he consulted my computer engineering expertize on something technical on the magnificent device (it was to me at that time). I wasn’t sure I knew the solution to the problem but I was sure that I wanted to grasp into the magical device. “It should be easy, lemme check it out,” I said as I reached my hand for the ipad. It was already powered so I didn’t have to worry about all the technicalities of switching it or anything else for that matter. Once in my hands, I held it as if it was the only gold piece left in the world, so precious. As the icons popped up, the transition from one app to the other, just one button on what was supposed to be a keypad on normal phones was eye opening, I got mesmerised indeed apple did their homework on this one, I assured myself. After a few minutes of troubleshooting (more like exploring) I used logic and guesswork to explain what could have been amiss. To my delight the solution worked in my favor and that was the day I became his technology guru, a title I gladly wore. After that I interacted with the device long enough to know the ins and outs of the masterpiece.


the magnificent one

After my curiosity was satisfied I did not have much to explain the unusual habits of my dear hero. I asked myself questions even google couldn’t find the answers to and beat my head up for not being intelligent enough to know what was actually going on. Days, weeks, months, years and moments passed without ever finding the answers. For a moment (who am I kidding, a year) I was in the process of letting go until it hit me today.

How? I was up from 3am and did not close my eyes since then. The sounds babies produce before waking up? Yeah those ones I kinda forgot the name, so he made those sounds and I picked him up before he thought about crying people! before he thought! Which brings me to another point, how life changes when you become a mother or when you have some kind of responsibility, Oh my! You know before I got married I stayed in a hostel (my mum was too protective to let me rent a place for myself and I was working, I thank her now though…to mama’s  girl) which was close to a club but still slept soundly for close or over eight hours on good days. Now the sound of my baby breathing wakes me up and still manage to slip back to slumber land in time to catch the dream bus. Talk of wonder woman, they all are, mothers. So I picked him up, fed him and put him back to sleep, too lazy to burp him which caused me to wake up again after two minutes this time not lazy but charged. I held him on my shoulder and he burped immediately, put him back to his bed as my mind raced with the million things I wanted to do. I knelt to speak to my father, went to get a drink and sat on the desk going through my to do list. There was so much. I knew I had to make the hours count and resorted to stay up. I can’t begin to tell you how fulfilling it has been as I am typing this as I’ve managed to do so much that I previously thought was almost impossible. You know trying to do things here and there holding an eight pound baby coz for some reason he just cat naps during the day.


this is usually me :-).

What was I doing? Working, so very hard for my family to have a better life. If you know me well you might say, what more do you want, you seem like you have got it all. No we don’t. We have so much we want to achieve by ourselves you won’t believe it when I tell you. You wanna hear? I always look at my dad and think he got to have millions somewhere to have taken care of his 9 kids like he does, literally. Only to find out he is so hardworking and caring that he gave up most luxuries to take care of his darling wife and kids like he has, bless his heart! Yes, that’s the path I am taking that one day our kids will look at us and say thank you very much dad and mum for working so hard for us.

Another thing, once you work extremely hard and achieve something you always tend to achieve even more since your goals seem closer when you are up there.That’s why rich people like my hero above works very hard or perhaps too hard, it’s that simple. You don’t need a hundred years to make a difference you only need 24 hours to change your world. This is probably how I part with my long time friend sleep but I am sure I won’t regret as they say “Wake up an hour earlier and live an hour longer” It seems like you only live while you are awake.

It’s your choice, either to lazy around or work hard, clean and smart towards a better life. Choose the better life my friend.

All the best and love,


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