Cooking Class

I can’t seem to remember the last time I was in a class oh my! So this time I went for a cooking class with my delicacy conscious girlfriends. It was my first time to encounter freelance chefs. I know! Sounds awkward right? Coz we tend to think only I.T guys can freelance. Not anymore. Any professions with a high level of discipline can successfully freelance.

Chef Esther and Chef Emmanuel are amazing and informative chefs, who have had the opportunity to work alongside one of the two michelin star chefs in Africa. Michelin huh! Yeah it’s like a Professor in the cooking industry, google it! We had a great time learning lots of stuff, way beyond the meals we were cooking, super informative.

We made bread and butter pudding, carrot and thyme soup, coconut and lemongrass sauce and Herb marinated chicken.

When we finished up, we invited our sweethearts over for dinner. We speculated that, one if not all would propose again since the meals were tops, restaurant level or better, no less.  Yep! I think one did. Best described as “The Burst of Flavours”. Need I say more? I don’t think so. What’s left is for us to try out the recipes in our own homes, something I can hardly wait to do. Enjoy the photos and please try not to drool…

Top Chef no less!

Marinated chicken ready to hit the oven.
Rice and soup in the process…
Rice is ready guys!
Almost done!
Bread and butter pudding close up…my favourite!
Let’s get started with the carrot and thyme soup shall we?
The table all set…this is obviously not my house..just goals for me.
Top Chef… no less!

I hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions or comments please do so down below.



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