Crispy Cheese and Bacon Potatoes

Hello food Thursday! We are ready for you. This week we are making some sweet crispy treats here on the blog. The major ingredients are oblivious from the title. The result was so yummy…I wanna do this again. Here’s the full recipe.

Crispy Cheese and Bacon Potatoes


1/4 kg bacon
8 medium sized potatoes, peeled and each chopped into 4 pieces
1 teaspoon salt
a pinch of black pepper
200g shredded cheddar
3 green onions, sliced thin


  1. Spread the bacon strips out across a large rimmed baking sheet pan and place on the middle rack of a COLD oven. Set the temperature to 150 degrees celsius (double check the units on your cooker, if fahrenheit use 300 degrees). Leave for about ten minutes then let it stay a little longer if you want it more crispy.
  2. While the bacon cooks peel and slice the potatoes. Take out the bacon onto a paper towel to drain excess oil. The grease left on the tray should be enough to bake the potatoes. Toss the potatoes onto the tray, and sprinkle on them the salt and black pepper and ensure the potatoes are coated with the bacon grease. Spread them out and bake for about 15 min, stir well and bake for an additional 15 min. Stir again making sure none of the potatoes are sticking onto the tray, then bake another 10 min.IMG_0818
  3. Meanwhile chop the bacon into small pieces and sprinkle them onto the potatoes. Next sprinkle the cheddar cheese generously onto the mix. then bake for about 3 min the cheese would have melted. Should you require it to be more crispier, bake for a few more seconds. Top with the sliced green onions and serve hot. IMG_0829

    Nevermind the shadow…it is as yummy as it looks!


I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Thanks for stopping by.