If you are anything like me, you would know it’s never that easy. Yes! That one thing that you wish you had, a boyfriend. Throughout primary school, high school even campus I’d watch my fellow girls hanging out with their so called boyfriends not knowing what it meant to be one.

I know what you are thinking and I’ll tell you it’s true. The fact that I never had one would bother me sometimes but it was not a major thing.

Make no mistake! I liked watching gorgeous boys and I’d fantasize speaking to them. I remember one time a boy asked me, “How come you don’t have a boyfriend and you are very pretty?”. I felt nice coz he thought I was pretty but I wasn’t ready to change my status yet. Then one time at my aunt’s place we watched a movie with so cute actors most specifically the movie, Prison Break. I’ll never forget how much I admired Wentworth Miller and wished that I’d get a BF that cute and awesome.

As I grew older I met admirable men and thought wow, ‘I’d love someone like that’.  With time I had a personal definition about the kind of man I wanted but never revealed it to any of my friends. Since most of my friends were male (I hated how girls loved gossip) some of them would occasionally ask me about relationship stuff like they were upto something more. I vividly remember one guy I really liked since we had very meaningful conversations about succeeding in life. He wasn’t a believer like me so I knew from the start nothing else can ever happen. The more we talked we got so close and personal that he wondered why I didn’t get some of the stunts he pulled. Until one time he genuinely asked me, “What kind of a guy are you looking for really, like who is your ideal man.” He definitely was upto something. I said, “Handsome and hardworking like you,” he smiled as I continued, “Caring and most of all God fearing”. That’s what most ladies say but for me me there was a lot more than I could explain. Afterwards I met believer guys who were close to my definition but not exactly and I was not willing to let my guard down after all I was still young, I thought. It scared me sometimes whether he existed or not.

Yeah well, I kept my dreams for myself until I met one man who from his looks, speech, intellect, smile and many other things was exactly what I wanted. After I talked to him on phone one night and then we went for our first date, I was totally sold out but never let him know. I pretended to be kind of reserved with him. When he asked me to be his girlfriend I pretended to ask very hard questions (he still says they were so hard that he was worried I’d say no). I was going to say yes but he needed to know that I was not desperate but the fact was I was already thinking about him as a fit husband let alone BF. I did say yes and the rest of it followed. I wasn’t wrong, he was going to make me his wife and now I am enjoying every single day married to my prince charming. The man after my own heart, the guy I had fantasized about my entire life. I am living my in my dreams, they sure come true after sometime.

If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not dreams but mere wishes. I hope someone gets inspired to work even harder towards their dreams. If you have any thoughts, please comment below. All the best and God bless!





And no believer should ever marry an unbeliever, under no circumstances: should always marry believers.
59-0125 – Be Certain Of God,  Rev. William Marrion Branham

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