Easter Happened!

I was super excited for the easter holiday mostly because I’d catch a break and be with the most important people in my life. I was counting down, weeks, days until it was only a few hours. I only slept for two hours, how exciting can travelling get? Super exciting.

We had lots of fun moments and super happy ones. I bet I’ll never forget, so will my family. Despite everything, my hair had the roughest time ever. Dusty roads, windy plains, humid beaches…the list is long. But guess what? It survived! Wohoo! Amid all the anti-healthyhair environment, less natural hair care, she came out stronger than I thought. Gave me the best ever wash and go yet! She is still intact, healthy and clean. I so love her; my fro.

Enough about… now I’ll  let the pictures do the talking!

Because I can 🙂
sleepy but happy coz I caught the sunrise.


look at that tide crushing the shore…IMG_4361


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