Easy Coconut Rice and Veg Gravy

Hello Lovely people. How have your cooking habits been? Mine have been slow-mo but we are slowly catching up. Guess what! our food Thursday came early today…yeeay!

I wanted to share with you a simple rice recipe to make when you are pressed for time or when you just want a simple healthy homemade meal. You can even make this for your visitors, especially if they do not have a problem about being vegan for that particular visit. It’s a win win coz the meal is so yummy regardless. Let’s get down to it shall we?



2 cups rice (I use dawaat or sunrice coz the grains separate very well after cooking)

small satchet of coconut

a pinch of turmeric

a pinch of salt

4 cups boiled water


chicken broth

2 carrots grated

1 godget cubed

a bunch of dhania chopped

3 small tomatoes

1 tomato paste sachet

1 small onion sliced


In a clean sufuria, put the boiled water add salt, turmeric and coconut paste, wait for it to boil a little and add your washed rice. Once it boils again set the heat to medium until the water subsides then put on low heat for the rice to dry completely.

boiled water, tumeric and salt
my rice was overflowing but…

In another sufuria, Lightly fry the onion, add chopped tomatoes and the paste. Let the tomatoes cook for a while. Add the veggies and stir for about a minute. Add the chicken broth let it simmer a little bit and you are done!

Doesn’t it look yummy?

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Blessings.