Get on a Challenge with Us | November

I’m so excited about this month and I have a good feeling that it’s gonna be a fantastic one. The other day my main person told me of his goal and challenge for this starting month and I was so impressed. It always feels so good when your loved one makes decisions to improve their lives, could be health, fitness, career whichever area. I always try and be supportive, regardless of what my opinions would be at the time. I was so impressed and happy that it made me embark on my own challenge, not one but several. That’s how it goes when you have a lifetime partner, they uplift you in every way. Isn’t it amazing!

So, Research has shown that most challenges executed in the month of November often turn out successful, unless of course if you weren’t committed to your challenge, you’d fail. Take advantage of the fact and set yourself on a journey to get to a place where you’ve been longing for a while.

You’ve always wanted to travel the world (like I do) start saving up for your next trip, put aside a specific amount everyday. Yes, everyday and no excuses. Want to meet your dream mentor, lover etc, set out to do one thing that will draw you closer to that goal. At the point at which I felt and knew within myself that, I was ready to cross over, I would do one thing everyday that will help me improve and be a better companion, a better wife everything better. Example, I’d consciously groom myself, literally making sure you look like someone’s dream lover you know and it became second nature. I cannot say how much it helped me discover myself and the capabilities that I had. It was incredible.

November has to be my favourite month mainly because it is my birthday month (I’m open to receiving gifts from today lol) also some other special people in my life including our dear son. The other day, I discovered my overseas friend’s son is also born in November, we both were impressed but her son is turning two and mine one. Isn’t that incredible!! I am so happy to be able to meet people with like minds and goals, they keep us motivated all the time. Literally, Tarra checks on me almost every week, it’s so humbling even with her busy schedule and our difference in time, she goes out of her way, she is such a darling. I don’t do that as often, that’s why I decided to take on this challenge. To consciously check on somebody I care about every week.

What is that thing you want to achieve so bad. Take it on now and do it. Challenge yourself! even better, get an accountability partner, someone who will be checking your progress and making sure you are on track. Don’t miss out on this massive opportunity.