Happy Birthday to my King

I can still see the look on his eyes, the appearance of composition and pretty much everything I saw, when we first met. Most of all I saw a gentleman who was and still is passionate about the Word, not in what he said but how his life unfolded before my eyes. I can’t begin to say how my heart skipped when he said hello (more like responded to my hello). Right now, I am struggling to type down due to the intensity of memories that are criss-crossing my little head.

I could write a number of books, probably a scroll ¬†from sky to sky could hold my thoughts better. Details about the moments, nitty gritties of the juicy story but… I perceive it better, to spare you all the love details which might seem as a show off to some. But honestly, it is what it is. I just thank God.

He was born in April, shout out to April babies! Specifically today. Amazing right! I am thrilled like it’s my birthday (in a way it is cause the two shall become one…know what I am saying!). We get a year older, wiser, a few gifts here and there(my best part). Did I forget to mention how much I love gifts, who doesn’t anyway. For my friends who enjoy receiving gifts remember to give even more cause, blessed is he that giveth than he that receiveth. We sincerely thank God for the far he has brought us and looking forward to what he has in store for us. Happy Birthday my Love!

Alright, enough about my long and short stories. I’ll see you soon most likely in the next blog post. Don’t forget to wish my prince charming a happy birthday, incase you see him somewhere, even on here on the comments section.

If you missed my post on how to start the day right, read it here. Thanks again for stopping by, may the Lord richly bless you! I hope you are having a great day.




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