How to be the wife the husband of your dreams desires

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She talked about how much she loved her suitor at the time. How he carried himself around, the impression she had about him from his mannerisms. How she knew from the word go that he would be her husband. It was absolutely amazing to watch how passionately she talked about her relationship with her husband, before and after marriage. You could clearly say that they were a match made in heaven. It was such a love story. I observed the couple long enough to know how similar their characters were and got mesmerized. That’s when I realized the laws we studied in physics were not really meant to scare us about science but were as real as ever. “Indeed, you attract what you are,” she concluded.

A lesson that had me thinking about, how much your character shapes your entire future. Oh yes! It surely does. So how can we shape the character that the partner we long to have desires. Here’s how:

  1. Your spiritual life – you’ve seen the believers who raise their hands and let out a profound Amen? This is not really a gauge for spirituality but it really says a whole lot about where you are and long to be in the steps of perfection. The prophet says punctuate every Word with an Amen. Your theophanies will speak to each other, you will find each other.
  2. Dress and walk the part – how do the guys in high ranks choose their outfits? Well dressed, day in day out. Decent apparel, no short skirts or low neck tops, walking style (you don’t want to be seen as one who is just showcasing their body like on a runway) as some take these for granted… They do look at that. I thanked myself for taking time to choose longer and not anywhere near tight clothes. My bf at the time really looked out for that coz it brings out the type of character. I am sure no husband would enjoy having to correct his wife’s outfit every time they are going somewhere.
  3. Knowing what’s important for you – what would you rather have? Looks or character. Character surely goes a long way. If you are blessed with both, thank God even more.
  4. Even the little things – if you want a clean partner, you have to be a clean person… One good example for me was and still is, him in a suit especially to church.  Think of your appointment with the president, you’d wear your best outfit isn’t it? How much better would you present yourself to the president of heaven and earth. So you ask, any jeans to church? No honey! You can wear jeans to a wedding or your hunting date but not to church.


These would be my top picks for anyone planning to marry or get married. I hope you picked one tip or two. Be blessed. Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week.





And if your spirit in you won’t punctuate every one of God’s promises with “amen,” there is something wrong.

64-1205 – “The Identified Masterpiece Of God”

Rev. William Marrion Branham

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