How to Put together a Birthday Outfit

As the title suggests, it’s all about putting together the birthday outfit. Well, I didn’t actually wear this outfit on the actual day but it was the outfit I had in mind for my birthday hence the name. You’ve seen those pretty skirts online, and wondered how they could get to you? I did too. In fact there was a time I was so close to getting one. The tricky bit was, what if the fitting wasn’t that good for me. Then on, I was determined to have one custom made for me.

That’s how I discovered Ivee Skirts. Where they make a collection of the cutest skirts, for them to be custom to the client was a plus for me. I couldn’t wait to make an order, I did. I met Ivy, who is soft spoken and quite generous just from meeting her. I picked the fabric for my skirt and she was ready to go to work. I waited for a few days almost impatiently, just to get my hands on her gorgeous work. After a few days I was informed that my skirt was ready. I kept boiling inside me since I had to wait for saturday (my baby free day) to go and pick it. I contained myself and saturday arrived. The skirt was so pretty I was tempted to wear it on my way back home.

The next task was to find a perfect top for it. I knew where to go. My amazing friend Florence always has the best pieces for the best price. You’ve probably spotted two or more pieces from her probably on screen or social media or even on your family or friends. Her shop is called Floclaire. I love the arrangements and the customer service is always on point. So I went to Floclaire with my baby sister who happens to have a good eye for fashion and I was glad she was there. I couldn’t find the perfect top that I had in mind and my fashion keen sister suggested a cute mint green blazer, it tried it on and I was hooked.

I wore this outfit on sunday, where I added a black layering top for ease of feeding the little one and my favourite black shoes with a little elevation. I was good to go! At some point I added a scarf because it was so chilly in the morning and when it got warmer I took it off. And that is my not so long story of my birthday outfit. I hope it inspires you to get the most out of your looks. I’m not so much into accessorizing (only a mom would understand), if you are, you could easily add your favorite pieces onto this outfit including a handbag, necklace etc.

Photos taken by my sweet husband. I had so much fun shooting alongside my cutest little ten year old friend.


Oh it feels so good!!
My favorite hairstyle…the bun.

img_2205   img_2228 img_2229

it smells so sweet..
the cutest shot
flower crowns

I hope you like my outfit as much as I do. Thank you for reading.



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