How to Save on Diapers

If you’ve ever been interested in calculating how much you spend on diapers in a month, you’d be amazed. Multiply that by twelve to make it your expenditure on diapers per year. It’s almost millions which means you are rich. I realized that too. Then I thought I could actually find a way to cut down my diaper costs. Here’s how you can cut your costs too.

1. Buy in bulk – are you the type of mum who buys one or two diapers on demand. On average one of those costs twenty shillings and if you bought sixty of those the total would be 1,200/-. I usually buy one of the best quality brands because my son’s skin is sensitive and I know that a pack of 60 goes for about 1000 bob plus or minus.    Say you use two packs on a month you’d be saving 400/- and in a year you’d save 4,800/- that’s money you could constructively use. I think I’ve said enough. Always do your math.

2. When you can let your child stay without a diaper especially when he/she is off the carpet, bed. This gives his bum a break and it’s very good for male children. In the long run, you get to skip a few diapers hence saving.

3. Try out other options. Traditional nappies, cloth diapers. These are reusable just by washing and dry them then ready to use again. If you want to take your savings to a higher level try these out.

I hope this helps, thank you so much for reading.