How to start your day right

I open up the door, happy that he is home but not showing it on my face; no smile. These are the moments I wish I did better only that, I let myself be clouded by the day events. Why is that? I am still thinking about the a hundred and one things I needed to do but haven’t, the food I haven’t finished cooking, the dishes that I tossed into the sink hours ago, the clothes lying around un-ironed… The list can be long if you let yourself procrastinate. Another thing, I need to attend to him and the baby who is showing signs of both hunger and sleep. I am completely overwhelmed, almost bursting to tears but I convince myself that I am a strong woman and goes ahead like nothing’s the matter. He offers to help with the baby but I tell him that I got this. If only he knew how much I needed a break.

It goes on for a couple of days, then one thing happens and catches me completely off guard. I know I can’t continue like this, so I sit down to ponder. Only to realize, I skipped my morning message session to make breakfast, bypassed lunch to clean while the baby was asleep. So that’s where my problems began. I take up my planner and promise myself that nothing like that will ever happen again. And it didn’t. How did I make that happen. I came up with a plan on how to keep everything in the house sane to ensure that I have a great day everyday. Here are my top five tips.

  1. Never skip morning devotion – this is like the major tip that keeps me going. As long as your heart is in tune with God, nothing hardly goes out of hand. I can’t explain much about this, I know it happens every time. The baby will cry more, I get exhausted easily… I end up feeling so frustrated. I discovered how to be consistent with the Word not only in the morning but throughout the day. Read a little verse here, make a silent prayer while doing the dishes, sing praises as you go along it always pays off.
  2. Plan your day – we’ve heard that failing to plan is planning to fail like trillion times. Yes! It’s true. A little on your face but you will thank me later. I usually write down what I need to do so that once I am done with one thing I know what next. If you don’t, you will end up spending too much time on irrelevant things leaving tones of urgent things undone.
  3. Tackle the first things first – once out of bed, spread it. Yes! Spread your bed immediately. Nothing is an emergency, breakfast can wait, the little one can feed a few minutes later.
  4. Tidy up as much as you can – a clean tidy space gives you a relaxed, calm mood and the opposite throws you into an emotional and mental crisis. Clean up any mess or spill soon after it happens, so that your clean up session takes a shorter time.
  5. Perfect your skills – more like in whatever you do, do it heartily as unto the Lord. If you are doing a project for his excellency, Mr president, I am sure you will do your best. That’s the same thing, let everything you do reflect who you want someone to perceive you as. I love my husband’s work, mostly how he does it excellently. I literally drool over his work whenever I am on his website. It’s my dream to be as efficient and effective as he is. Even better, a promise in the living word that “Be as perfect as your father in heaven is perfect.”

From my heart to yours, (thinking is done in the heart, incase you forgot). I sincerely hope that you picked a thing or two to help you improve your lifestyle.

A great day indeed.

As always, if you have any thoughts comment down below. Thank you very much for stopping by. Until then.




20 After I have made a new dedication, my own self, and my wife, and so forth, we’ve noticed things so different around home. And not as nervous as we were, shaky and jumpy, “We won’t get this, and we won’t get that.” We just go at it just quietly, and get more done.

 59-1227M – A Super Sign  Rev. William Marrion Branham

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