How You are Sabotaging your life

Quite a title, isn’t it. Yeah, well I have been doing this for too long that I don’t want to do this anymore, because it is derailing my progress. I want you to stop sabotaging your life as well. If you agree, stick around for the real life talk. 

So here are three things you are doing that are pulling you down.

  1. You are overthinking – which does not help anyone but only increases worry and fear. Exactly the opposite of confidence and success in life. How I’ve been doing it: my husband calls to say we are having visitors tonight, my whole world stops to wonder what I’ll prepare, when I’ll prepare it, my tone changes when he says he can’t  make it a little earlier. I am thinking how in the world am I going to do this on my own with an active baby to watch. Instead of picking one meal to prepare, do the necessary and wait for the dinner date in a relaxed mood. So easy right? Yes, life should be easy not complicated. One more, you asked her to go on a date with you, she said she will give you feedback. Stop thinking how you will die if she says no. How expensive the places she loves to go are. I mean, if you want to take her out on a date, put your foot down and go for it. If she says no, probably she isn’t meant for you.
  2. You feed your mind with the wrong things – Why tell yourself that she is dressed better than you? Because she is not, that you are not good enough..because you are way more than they deserve, that you are a bad mom, in fact God knew you are the best parent for this child. Hold it right there and say, “God, you gave me this responsibility, I believe with all my heart that I can handle it.” Then from there, act like you can really handle it.
  3. You put more value to the wrong things – you think he/she will appreciate more if you got them expensive gifts than spending quality time with them. Spending more quality time with them would be the best gift you can ever give to them. Our little son doesn’t recall the things his dad got him, but fondly remembers that he is the best playmate that he has, once he walks through the door. He broadly smiles and jumps for joy as to say “Yeeeay, it’s play time!” Maybe I forgot some of the things he bought me since we started dating to this day but I always remember how he makes me feel when we just sit and talk. It send chills through my body till this day.

By now, you must be having a pretty good idea of how the above issues are affecting the latter’s life. I am sure you are now thinking about the issues in your own life. Yes! you are. Take out the trash, live a better, more confident life that you were meant to live all along. Accept your past, make the present your best and believe in your bright future. Take the challenge, see a great improvement in your life.

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61-0224     Be Not Afraid  (This quote really inspired me)

Now, if you’d walk up to Him, and He had on this suit that He gave me and He would say—you’d say, “Jesus, will You heal me?”
You know what He would say to you? “Well, my child, I did that.” He can’t do it again. If you’re redeemed out of the pawn shop, how can you be redeemed the second time? He brought you out. He was wounded for your transgressions and with His stripes you were healed. See what I mean?
Your healing’s already completed. Your salvation’s completed. The only thing you have to do is just receive it. What does it make any difference who lays hands on you, what does this, that or the other? Everywhere you’re at, just believe it. That’s all. Receive it. It’s God has to give it to you.