If ever there was one thing that ladies would be rated for doing best, would be hanging out (in my opinion). There are tons of things that two or more women can find to do together, most importantly things that edify the Lord (yeah! I am that lady). Most times, my husband’s company is more than enough for me, but once in awhile I hook up with the girls, for some kind of activity. Even better are the days when we hang out as couples (each lady with her husband plus kids if any) it’s usually total bliss. The sad part is having to leave for our homes. Infact, recently we had such kind of a gathering, even after spending the afternoon together we were threatening to spend the better part of the evening hanging out as well. Those days, the only consolation we have is that, we will spend eternity together, where time won’t define our fellowship. Never to part no more! Glory! I am starting to feel religious already.

On a typical day out, we would go somewhere have a meal, go shopping or just talk while enjoying the environment. This was the talking and enjoying the environment kind.


I had lots of fun with the girls. One thing I loved about them is the fact that we had almost similar interests and did not find ourselves with clashing opinions at any given time. It was wonderful. One of the ladies husband wound up to be a photographer so we had some little fun moments.


I usually have random moments and this was definitely random. None of us, maybe not (only one or two) knew that we would meet each other that day; randomness. Infact I remember when I was walking towards the main building I spotted one of the lady’s car (actually two) in the parking lot I was like ‘wow she is here and she is early, wow!’ I know wow is such a cliche but it serves the purpose here. The lady in a baby pink top is single but the rest are taken…psssst! So yeah, we had a good time.


finally the Mrs.

Photos by: namuks, find his portfolio here.

What do you do while hanging out with the girls? I’d like to know so I can add up to my activities feel free to comment below.




Please be nice the world could use some positivity.

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