Let the little things speak to you

Have you heard of the little fish that was given back its life by the prophet of Malachi 4? If you haven’t consider looking up for the quote. I got to thinking about it and realized how much we neglect the little things. The wonder of wonders is that, the mighty God greatly cares about the things we think little in a way that we can never comprehend. For instance, why would He care about the one little fish while there are trillions of fish, uncountable creatures that were still alive when the little fish died. What more is that He was able to recreate another fish with better adaptation, beauty and much more but He didn’t. Think of it.

After thinking of it, recall the many things in your daily life that you ignore or take for granted. (My mind races with memories of several things in that category). I didn’t say thanks to the guy who gave me a spot at the parking lot, did not share my limited snack with the person next to me, didn’t appreciate my husband for taking out the trash… Only to mention a few. Right now I am thinking, these are golden opportunities I wasted. Next time I’ll do better.

What are the things you feel you have ignored just because you didn’t think they matter? How are you planning to improve?

He cares, do you?