Making mouthwatering Chapatis

Happy June people! I hope you had great times yesterday, we did. Let’s talk about our food thursday shall we? Having grown up at the coastal region, made me overlook the importance of well planned delicious meals. It is often assumed that, one would turn out a great cook by default, but that is not true. I didn’t know the level of my cooking skills until I got married. When it dawns to you that being able to make good meals is a major contributor of how happy your marriage will be. True story (99% of the men will tell you that). When he is fully satisfied and happy in his stomach, the easier things get moving for the whole family, so ladies, you might want to consider upgrading your cooking skills already. I still remember, I was advised that chapatis were my husband’s fav on our wedding day (I don’t know where we stand on that). When I started out, I found myself struggling to make the best of them chapatis. After several days of frustration I finally mastered the art. So today I wanna share my secrets for delici chapatis.

  1. How soft your chapatis will be depends on how soft your dough is. I usually like to make my dough too soft, sometimes I wonder about it sticking onto the rolling pin. I found out that was the best. Make your dough as tender as possible.
  2. Learn to make close to circular chapatis, madagascar shaped chapatis…not the best presentation.


1 cup all purpose flour

1 cup brown wheat flour (atta mark 1)

1 medium sized carrot grated (you can also use boiled butter nut)

a pinch of salt and sugar if you like

3 cups warm water



In a bowl mix the dry ingredients. Add water bit by bit as you knead until the dough is loosely sticking onto your hands. Continue kneading until the dough gets to the desired softness. If too soft just add a little flour.


Make circular balls and let them sit for about half an hour. You can also let the dough sit before making the balls. (I prefer making the balls first, saves me some time).


Use a rolling pin to make chapati circles and toss into a pan heated on medium heat.


Cook both sides and you are done.



How do you make your fav chapatis? Mind sharing? Consider commenting down below. Thank you for stopping by.