Making Vegetarian Pilau

To be honest, I’ve eyed vegetarian lifestyle for several years now. It gets more intense when I see amazing moms on instagram, rocking this vegetarian thing like they were born in it. Truth of it is most of them were confessed ;lovers of the opposite lifestyle until they made the change. Now that I have a family of my own, I don’t know how it would go. Mainly because I am not ready to give up the steak yet! 

The other day, I decided to make vegetarian pilau, just out of being adventurous. It might also work if you do not have the meat options.

Let me just get down to the method. I’ll mention the ingredients within the method. You can adjust the ingredients as you go.


  1. IMG_1014

    Cooked onions and spices (pilau masala, ginger, garlic and spanish paprika) and added tomatoes after they cooked. I boiled green peas separately.

  2. IMG_1016
    Veggies prepping..carrots, hoho, yellow pepsicum and dhania.

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  3. IMG_1019

    Added dhania into the mix.

  4. IMG_1021

    Then added washed rice.

  5. IMG_1022

    Then the rest of the veggies.

  6. IMG_1025

    Almost cooked.