Kicking Off the Mom Series

Our little one just turned eight and I am thinking, “I am really good at this, ain’t I? I go through the most fulfilling moments like his first smile, the cuddles, the first time he babbled a word and you are all like my baby is learning to talk’. Those kinds of moments fill your heart and your eyes give way to some tear drops.

As usual, there’s that bad guy who reminds you of how many times he fell when you were supposed to watch him, he got a cold while you are the one who should have kept him warm. A little guilt starts eating you up, almost wrecking your mood.

Then, I remember. I remember that, I am not the one who brought him here. God did. He is the one to take care of him, to protect him, to cover him. Then my heart relaxes. Because I know he is shielded. Whatever happens, He allowed it. He knew it before the foundation of the world. He knows everything. The decisions I’ve made for this little life, I have made the best that I know how.

If you are a mom or parent, I am sure you totally understand where I am coming from. It is a whole lot of responsibility. Don’t worry you, do not have the strength, He gives you all you need, strength, finances, joy, knowledge… Everything you need.

I Believe I do have a little knowledge about things to do with babies and everything about being a mom. So I’ll be doing a series of posts on the same. Stay tuned and subscribe for more posts. As always, thank you for stopping by and I do value your feedback.