Mother’s Day is Coming Up!

Being a mother is a nature, not a status you acquire when you have kids. Once you are born female, that nature is in you just awaiting activation. Some people activate mother nature as early as kindergarten by their motherly kindness taking care of other classmates, for other people it happens later on in life and that’s ok cause we are all different. Whether your mother nature is activated or not you are special enough to be called a mother. Happy Mothers Day in advance.

I watched her as she carefully and full of love making dinner for her little ones. My heart melted. She did it so diligently. Bless her heart. One day, I brought her a little gift. She held onto it amid a million thank you’s, it was too precious to her. I couldn’t understand then but now I do. I can’t wait for my little one to be old enough to bring me a lovely gift, even if it is candy. That’s how special you are to your mom. She’d look at you and be like, “Oh my little one, though growing older everyday but you will always be my baby”. They all say that. I pray that I will cherish her everyday of my life.

Profound memories of her sweet voice, cutest smile, endearing hug…. I can’t exhaust this list, all I know that she touched my heart in a mighty way. The sure example of a true christian she was. I still miss her to this very day, enough to get cloudy eyes and let a few drops off my cheek. I can hardly wait to see her over yonder because I know she will surely be there. To our moms who’ve gone on before. Linger near, cause we are coming too. We love you and miss you very much.

Make a point of making it special for your mom, not only this season but whenever you can. She’s has endured a whole lot for you to be in this world today.

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