He said that he wanted us to watch a movie, I looked at him so as to say, “you gotta be kidding”. Turns out he was pretty much serious. I was still skeptical even as he was busy setting up and all. Why? We don’t usually watch movies for leisure only for specific reasons, mostly for a good lesson. For me, It was quite a journey before I got there, but I did. Want to know how? Read on.

Pursuing Computer Science in college got me into the movie world so easily. Always having to be on the computer most of the hours you are awake, then sometimes, those moments of feeling tired about studying and convincing yourself that you have done enough for the day. What remained was either to go to sleep or look for something else to do, perhaps something exciting like a movie. Anyhow for some reason I was so choosy that I wouldn’t watch what anyone recommended without reading a review or watching the movie trailer, even better looking into the film while skipping parts just to get a good look at the actors and the message.

After a while, and I’d stack up enough videos to watch during the rainy days you know. I loved series because they kept me glued without having to look for something else to watch. Some days, I would come across movies that left me asking myself what was the use of watching it anyway. By the time I completed campus, I went for an internship somewhere close to home and met more fanatics. I couldn’t resist but indulge since we had unlimited internet we could download whatever we wanted, glorious isn’t it. All the while I kept questioning the serial watching but hopped on after a heated discussion about some series I used to watch. Man! It was hard. After I changed jobs, I’d only watch occasionally which only left me wanting more.

Then, one day in between a sweet and exciting conversation he asked what I was doing. Shamelessly I said that I had been watching a movie and it would be nice for him to watch too. I can’t remember the title but it was a christian movie and I liked it. He told me the history of movies and why they are even more catchy today. Once you get addicted, you eventually spend too much time on them, most times they do not add value to your life, and you might end up forgetting the important things you need to do. It was a sensible argument, I thought about it for a while and decided to cut down on screen time. I almost did it until I started on a new series and another new series until what he told me almost did not matter. So one day I had finished my work for the day and thought I was so tired and wanted to watch some series. Feeling so guilty, I decided to ask for permission but of course I did not like the response. I was so eager to find out what happened from the previous episode that I almost cried that day. I couldn’t get myself to do it since he had not given me the permission. I got so angry that I couldn’t talk to him and I did not for a few hours. He just looked at me and sympathised. Afterwards, we talked about it and that was the day I stopped. Yes! I did it. First, I had promised him that I wouldn’t and I never wanted to break my promise. After a while I could see movie adverts and not be shaken about it. Life became so easy, I managed to do so much, learn a lot of things that I couldn’t have if I was still in that habit. I thank God for the victory.

Fast forward to this day he wanted us to watch the movie. I am sure now you understand why I looked at him and questioned like I did. He told me that someone recommended it and I thought of that one person who could convince him. I told him I’ll call him to find out and I did. Ha! I was very serious. He told me it was about war. I asked like a hundred questions from who were the actors, were they black?… He was wise to say just wait and see. I had no option but to roll with it. Turns out it was a christian movie with black actors. Things are getting appetizing here, I pulled the blanket and snuggled on as the movie began. I enjoyed every moment.

The movie: It is about a lady who had a rough marriage, thought her husband loved the military more than he loved her. She kept fighting him in disappointment but he suddenly died in service. She was so devastated, started seeking God, learnt her mistakes and prayed to God to give her someone she could teach how to fight the right way and He did. She met a young woman who was  having marital issues in her young family. She taught her student and helped her seek God which eventually helped her young marriage.

Karen Abercromie, left, and Priscilla Shirer in “War Room.” Photo by David Whitlow, courtesy of AFFIRM Films/Provident Films
Karen Abercromie, left, and Priscilla Shirer in “War Room.” Photo by David Whitlow, courtesy of AFFIRM Films/Provident Films

It was super encouraging. Once it was over I kept wondering what God wanted me to learn since I know ‘Nothing just happens’. I meditated about it and eventually found out what it was, (He always reveals, when you are patient enough). Now that I implemented what I learnt, I feel so happy and fulfilled.

A christian’s joy is not found in what he/she has in life but in Christ. Once you seek Christ, the kingdom of God all the other things will fall into place. Yes, including a husband (a topic for another day), a job and all that you long for.

Resist the temptation, get more out of your day!





Daily Bread:   I John 4:4

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

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