My Natural Hair Story

Every woman loves a majestic mane flowing down from her head, so do I. Many of us have secretly eyed long healthy hair, wishing that it was ours, not knowing how much it takes to get there. When I was in campus, I remember coming across a lady with long(armpit length) hair. I looked at her and told myself that one day I’d have that on my head click this over here now. It was a solid dream but without an action plan.

Some people have long hair by genetic make up, others forge it through wigs and weaves, for some, their hair never stops growing and the rest only dream of having long hair. I’ve been a dreamer all along, until I stumbled upon a lady whose hair made me think I could grow mine too. Interestingly, a few days before, my hairdresser didn’t show up the second time in a row without an explanation, call, text or anything. I appeared lost coz my hair was in dire need of serious attention. Our brother was getting married in a few weeks, you know how that goes. Yep! Imagine how disappointed I was. So I set out to find a new, skilled hairdresser, something I dreaded. I didn’t have a choice. After a few days of asking around for referrals and remembering my girlfriend who had the best hairstyle at a particular event, I discovered natural hair. I read several articles online and decided I was done with these hair dressers. Going exclusively natural meant, I’d wash, condition and style my own hair. It was quite a challenge at first but after sometime I got the hang of it.

Thats how I embarked onto the natural hair journey. It has been three months now. No regrets, only love and wishing that I had done this sooner. I’ll be sharing a lot more about caring and growing natural hair based on the questions I get from you.

Are you a natural hair enthusiast, what triggered your transition? Any tips? Mind sharing, comment down below. Thanks for stopping by my friend.



Naturalista Neemah.