Natural Hair Wash Day + Growth Check!

Hello Lovelies! July is here! How is it going for you? I hope it is splendid. I wasn’t going to write a post today but once I popped out of the shower, my hair dripping wet coz my washday mostly falls on a friday. I stopped to take photos and I couldn’t resist the amount of volume I was seeing on le hair. Seriously guys, this is real. Just take a good look at the photos below. 

Taken on 5th April….good amount of hair.
Taken on 1st July….hair looks softer, getting into shape, more volume.

The second photo, le hair is slightly closer to the shoulder…=growth.

I don’t know about you but my hair means a lot to me both as a lady and a wife…

She was given her hair for her glory…correct me if I am wrong.

I hope this inspires you hair journey. #healthyhairjourney

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