Natural Hair Wash Day

Friday is usually my wash hair day, since I started taking good care of my natural hair. It happened at the start of March, (a couple of weeks, yeah!) and I am loving it. Taking personal care of my hair got to be the best decision ever like really! This has got to be another blog post coz it is too long of a story.

If you follow me on instagram, you’d probably know how much I was dreading my wash day esp the detangling part. I had tried finger detangling my hair but it turned out too rigid and super tangled, pic here. Thanks to Youtube which landed me onto Whitney aka @naptural85 who is a natural hair guru on youtube. She got an invite to the white house for the let’s move event that the FLOTUS held a couple of days ago (that’s big huh!).

Yeah so I watched a few videos, got psyched up and hit the shower. It was magical coz I got to try out the Cantu products I bought on my shopping blog post if you missed it find it here. I absolutely loved them. They have the sweetest smell aww so sweet like not chocolate but something very sweet.

The process

I had done a hot oil treatment a few days ago so I skipped pre-poo. Not cool but well… I took down the matutas or three strand twists I had and put my hair into two sections. Smoothed in some shampoo one section at a time and rinsed off. Took my cantu conditioner and slathered it into my strands and rinsed it off with cold water (a brave heart!) for each section then voila I was out of the shower feeling soo fresh maybe too excited.

Incase you are wondering this is not a hairstyle, just me coaxing my hair into the mood for the hairstyle for the week.

Honestly, it was fun. My hair is currently held in two buns (pussycat anyone – it’s a favorite hairstyle for lil girls) but I am planning to take down the bands so that it air drys properly. Meh! How about the detangling session? Man! I gotta tell you it’s the hardest part about natural hair care but I hope I’ll crack the code someday. Stay tuned, I’ll post the secrets on here.

How do you get through your wash day? Let me know on the comments below.