One Year of Blogging + chit chat!

I totally forgot or rather I was too busy with my super active toddler that my blog anniversary passed un-announced. I wrote my very first blog post (you can view it here) on February 1st after months of thinking and soul searching. I finally decided I wanted to blog again. 

Handling a blog and a baby has not been easy but it took lots of sacrifices and planning to actually write and post articles. I’m so sorry though to my die hard blog fans who’ve been experiencing lots of natural hair videos. Honestly, at some point I was getting overwhelmed and felt like I did not have enough time to think and sit down to write so I relaxed a bit. Then it occurred to me I could record videos and by now people were asking questions and tips on taking care of natural hair so I decided to do both blogging and vlogging. Vlogging is a lot easier cause I always do my hair. Please be patient with this mama. I’ll be blogging a lot more soon.

Happy anniversary to you too my blog readers for a fantastic year. Looking forward to what 2017 has in store. Until then, Lots of love from yours truly.