Speaking of changes and the perpetrators of the same, I can’t help but think about how things become different with certain occurrences in life. Hang on, I’ll explain further. The first day of the month has never been the same again since welcoming our little bundle of happiness the past year. She made her debut on the first day of the month. At first I didn’t think much about it but then it hit me that, every time we turn the calendar onto a new month so does she. I thought, “That’s so beautiful.” What a perfect time to celebrate and be thankful for yet another milestone of life. Multiplied joy, increased smiles, doubled expenses all in a beautiful package. I couldn’t be happier just feeling so blessed to have this little one beside me and hoping to be the best mom and friend to her and her big brother everyday day of our lives.

Decor goals right there !

It’s getting hot in here and I am starting to see some nostalgia at the corner of my eye. That being said, I’d like to sign off before these emotions get the best of me, which isn’t exactly one of my strengths.

If you are anything like me then you love everything being spelled out clearly so this is it. For those wondering, wonder no more. We welcomed our charming little girl late last year and she’s been keeping my hands full ever since. I’m learning how much a small heart could love in such a big way. I mean it’s so deep it has to be a different post altogether don’t you think? I think so too. I’ll sign off for now and until next time, be kind always!

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