Post-Father’s Day Reflections

Hello my people! I see that face, like where have you been all this time. Don’t worry, I was just catching a breath. I know this post is long overdue, actually, I meant to have it up last week, but you know, time flies. I bet you do. How have y’all been? How’s the cold treating you? The Lord has been good to us.

Onto the Heros and daddy figures in our lives. Where do I start, should I? The part where my dad has been the longest boyfriend/best friend I ever had until my husband beat him in his game but still holds a special place in my heart…wait is that me getting nostalgic or is the cold catching up with me. Can’t tell but I think the former wins. Yap, I am that kind of girl, so attached to the dad, so I had to marry his twin. Oh yeah, he is exactly just like my dad. How I know, had a hint way before we got married then on several occasions conversing with my mum. Usually about how amazingly helpful, sweetly romantic, superb parent my husband is, mum would exclaim, “he is so your dad”. Leaving me with one sentence, “I had to marry my daddy”. I just had to. I consider myself super blessed to have such a superb husband, who happens to be as responsible, kind, humble and everything that I found my dad to be. Knowing that our little one has the best daddy in the world gives me so much joy. I am grateful. If you are lucky your Prince Charming would be as lovely as daddy but if you don’t he’d still be the best you could ever have.

I think I’ve said too much, haven’t I? Be grateful and act like it. Thank you to all our loving, caring fathers. Happy belated Father’s Day to our Dads, Husbands, Brothers and all the super dads out there. We love you dearly.

What next: Had a natural hair adventure this past weekend, which we had lots of fun and I’ll be sharing the photos soon. Thank you so much for stopping by my dear reader. Be blessed.


With Love,