Preparing to Welcome your Baby

Hello, welcome back and thank you for stopping by. Here is our #3 post in our mom series. I am so happy about your feedback and that you find these posts helpful. Be free to ask any questions whenever. Let’s get right into it.

Many of you ask what should I do as I am nearing the arrival of our little one. So I put together a few tips to help you through and make sure you aren’t caught off guard.

  1. Mental preparation for both you and your spouse Рsit down and talk about how you feel about the  little one, what makes you most happiest and the fears you might have for the impending responsibility. It is not easy but it is worth it.
  2. Shop as much as you can – a baby as little as it might be comes with tremendous needs including the need to shop around for newborn stuff. You will spend several thousands but you’ll never feel like you’ve bought enough. Go for the necessities and top up as you go.
  3. Get your finances right and have a spare amount for unforeseen circumstances – you do not want to start panicking when the doctor calls for an emergency procedure which is usually double the normal rate. Have some funds somewhere for such cases.
  4. Exercise for easier labor – helps open up the channels and relax you for an easier time.
  5. Keep calm and wait for him/her Р  All factors constant, your little one will arrive in no time and you will be mesmerized. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.
Less than 5 days before he was born…

Once again, Thank you very much for stopping by and I will see you in my next post. Until then, keep warm.