Rocking an African Print Dress

Heey! How are y’all doing? Where do we start? We can start right here and say we took a holiday and enjoyed it to the fullest. Explored some fun activities in the tropics and now we are back to life as usual, super-charged for the days ahead. All the best to you too!

When my tailor suggested that I could make an african print dress this time, I gave her all possible excuses not to but she convinced me to find a design that suits me and that I’d love the results. I did and when the dress was ready I couldn’t believe it. It was so cute, perfect fitting and easy to feed the baby. It was a win! I loved it.

I wore this dress at a fantastic event this past weekend (details about the weekend coming up tomorrow God willing). Compliments were overwhelming considering the company was not my usual modest crew, I was impressed. Can you imagine the main guest too gave me very endearing comments and I couldn’t help but blush. Yep! It was that goood. Anyhu, onto the pictures now all taken by my better half.

african print dress, kenyan fashion blogger
Isn’t the print cute?

african print dress, kenyan fashion bloggerWhen the shy juices come on…

african print dress, kenyan fashion blogger
Is there something on my hair?
african print dress, kenyan fashion blogger
Comfy shoes always win!

african print dress, kenyan fashion blogger

Can we talk about this bag for a moment? It’s my newest addition and I am in love with it. I got it from African Daisy who are specialists in african print materials and accessories, check them out here African Daisy. It’s all sorts of gorgeous and convenient, can easily be washed incase it gets soiled (I use it as a diaper bag sometimes). I mean who wouldn’t want such a bag? I love this bag too much that I am thinking of doing a what’s in my bag video on my YouTube Channel. I am sure you guys will love it!

Let me stop for now, thanks for reading, see you soon!