Shopping Haul

If you are part of my social media community, then you’d probably know I went shopping last week. It was not your ordinary kind but hair products shopping. My sweet honey pie girlfriend offered to take me wherever I wanted to go at least once a week. Isn’t she the sweetest bestie you could ever have? Bless her heart! xoxoxoxo to the moon and back. Obliviously, I had my little prince charming with me…do I ever leave him? We had a great time I’d do this any day any month any year lol.

After stumbling upon craving yellow I became too obsessed about growing my strands so this was a step towards making this dream happen. These products were acquired from super cosmetics and essentials @the oval. I spent quite a lump sum but I consoled myself that my hair will be much longer after sometime, (the stories we tell ourselves when second guessing). I’ll get right to it.

My favorite product – the sequined shower cap. Sometimes natural hair may need to be pampered overnight which means you have to wear head gear so that your products won’t leak and soil your pillow. For those days, I’ll be sure to make the most out of this one.


Wig caps – Now that I won’t be extension braiding my hair I might try rocking a wig once in awhile. You do not want to wear a wig directly on top of your hair or scalp, mainly for health reasons.


Satin bonnet – it’s the best material you’d want your hair to sleep in to minimize breakage and drying out.


Plastic caps – these are worn under the bonnet while conditioning or pampering your hair overnight.


Shampoo and conditioner – I want to try these from Cantu and see how they work on my hair.


Deep conditioners – I’ve never used any of these but want to try them out as well. One is oil-based (motions) and the other is a protein treatment.


Alison’s Rose water and castor oil – I’ve used rose water for moisturizing, what I love the most about it is the scent. Castor oil I said to help in maintaining healthy hair so I picked it up as well.


Spray bottle – for spraying moisturisers onto my hair, mainly water.


Rollers – I’ve never used rollers on my hair but I might give it a shot sometime.


And Yeah! That’s pretty much it. I still can’t believe I spent that much on such few products. Anyway, I blame the economy.

What products do you use for your natural hair? If you know a thing or two about these products please give me a heads up on the comment section below. Thanks!





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