Simple in Neutrals

I love neutral pieces mainly because, I can easily mix and match patterns without feeling like my outfit is too busy or the to say the least, overdressed. I don’t know if I am the only one who’s been doing rounds on the neutrals simply because you didn’t have enough time to plan your outfits prior to going out. That’s basically the life of a mom with a busy schedule. Pop into the closet, pick a basic neutral piece like a skirt or top and find other pieces that could go with it and you are done. Try it, in two minutes you will be out of the house. 

I picked this simple skirt which has a cute print with a unique texture. My greyish purple top was my next pick with a spag top under. Most spag tops have low necks, well, at least for me they do so I like to throw in a layering tee so I can keep things modest and composed. You might want to try this especially if your chest is quite blessed (is this even polite? I’m sorry!). To create a fun look, I went for my animal print flats. I love how comfy they are, oh yes, super comfy.  If you are a lover of Clarks, you’d understand what I mean.

To finalize the look, I put my hair in a high bun and let the ends free. Added my blue diaper/hand bag. Not to forget these animal print sunglasses that my husband got for me. At first I was like well….hmmm only because it the pick that’s close to my taste. But then I got to wear them, I’ve never put them away ever since. And that is my simple outfit with playful neutrals. Thank you for stopping by!

Photo credits: My Husband.

Man! the sun…
now I can see better…
The view is awesome!
Let’s take a walk, shall we?IMG_1324
Are we there yet!?
Are we there yet!?IMG_1330
You can’t sit with me